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eLUBE Hybrid WINTER chain grease LUBE 100 ml

The combination of the properties of the grease high viscosity and properties of low-viscosity grease. Such a link was obtained through the use of a synthetic mixture of several compounds of low to medium viscosity with integral lubrication micro-particle size compounds.

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Winter bike chain grease Lube series hybrid is a newly developed lubricant for low friction in the conditions of low temperatures, high humidity and exposed to chemically working conditions that retains its parameters to a temperature of-40 ° C.

Biały the color of the lubricant is apparent from the application in the product of solid lubricants such as. constant PTFE and therefore shake before using the product packaging the purpose of evenly distributed lubricants, which may have position in the lower parts of the packaging due to the higher density, and impossibility chemical mixing with oil base.

How to use product WINTER chain LUBE:

  1. Remove the old grease from the chain
  2. Apply grease eLUBE via included eyedropper on every link of the chain.
  3. Wait a moment to grease to absorb
  4. Wipe excess grease with a dry cloth chain

Please note! -shake well before use

More information and material safety data sheet HERE