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Bike chain cleaner eLUBE Bike Cleaner Spray is designed for the needs of bicycle chains and metal elements found in the ecological bike cleaner clear for all who like metallic fine chain or wish to make a the changes so far, grease.

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Nail polish remover is a universal product on the basis of organic solvent which can be successfully applied to all bicycle components and automotive: brake discs, clutch, fuel pumps, cleaning items the engine and brake drums and elements of the transmissions

e or put(E) the Bike Cleaner Spray though, that does not contain acetone, evaporate quickly, removes impurities and lubricating oil and is neutral for many elements of the bicycle and car parts. Cleaner eLube is a chemical compound of low viscosity and low boiling enriched small amounts of natural compounds with the task of eliminating bad breath element responsible for the quick evaporation of compounds lubricants, grease and other dirt

Soabove information and safety data sheet HERE!