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eLUBE Hybrid FORK GREASE grease for shock absorbers 1 kg

Grease for amortyzatorów FORK Grease is grease to the seals, o-rings and sleeve  stosowany w sprzęcie rowerowym,

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650,41 zł

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Waterproof silicone lubricant to reduce friction, designed to lubricate gaskets, o-rings and bushings in the dampers

Advanced composition FORK GREASE Hybrid has been selected, the grease is suitable for the lubrication of metal, rubber and plastic. At the same time, its properties have excellent resistance to oxidation, moisture and atmospheric factors and, in particular, being washed out by water. Therefore, the company's Grease eLUBE ideal dampers. Does not lose its properties in any conditions and always firmly adheres to the surface ensuring slip.
withtemperature FORK grease: Grease cope-60 to 200 ' c,
Consistency NLGI-2
More information and material safety data sheet HERE!