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eLUBE Hybrid WET LUBE chain lubricant 100 ml

WET LUBE is a lubricant for bicycle chains with a series of hybrid company eLUBE on wet weather

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Semi synthetic (polyester/diestrowy) oil with EP additives designed for oil lubrication chains.

Advanced hybrid technology WETLUBE causes the oil has a very good penetration of chain links and resistance to leaching, its adhesives improve the adhesion to the metal without causing thickening oil, does not collect dirt or dust. WETLUBE has a lot of additives to reduce wear and increase the antioxidant properties.

Grease łańchearing aid WETLUBE series hybrid is a new product to the chain, its low coefficient of friction causes less energy consumption. Tests confirm that through the use of the product chain eLube power loss decreased by a few dozen percent!

How to use the WETLUBE product to the chain:

  1. Remove the old grease from the chain
  2. Apply grease eLUBE via included eyedropper on every link of the chain.
  3. Wait a moment to grease to absorb
  4. Wipe excess grease with a dry cloth chain

Please note! -shake well before use

For more information and safety data sheet HERE!